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Jeanine Von Essen aka HEY! Balloon Lady!

Jeanine, Owner, Artist, Agent
Jeanine Von Essen aka HEY! Balloon Lady!

P.O. Box 10367
San Jose, CA 95157
Phone: 408-242-1739
Fax: 1-408-796-5468

Also known as: "Hey! Balloon Lady!"

Credentials: 2006 Balloon Excellence Award Rising Star

Type of ballooning:

Instant messaging: croakdesigns
ICQ: jeanine
Twitter: HEYBalloonLADY
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Jeanine was born and raised in Santa Clara County. She started twisting balloons in 1997 when she saw "Balloon Animals, 101," offered as a community class. She thought it sounded ridiculous, so she just had to take it. She soon found herself enrolled in "Advanced Balloon Animals," with a serious addiction to balloon art. In 1999, Jeanine started entertaining with balloons, and face painting, at parties, restaurants, and special events. She attended her first balloon convention in January of 2004, and by September 2004, found herself twisting balloons full time. In 2006, Jeanine made her debut as an instructor at Diamond Jam, an International balloon convention, where she packed the class to standing room only. She also taught at the 2006 Golden Gate Clown Happening. Jeanine has completed the first several volumes of her Balloon Instruction books (CDs), and has more in the planning stages. Jeanine received the Balloon Excellence Award, Rising Star for 2006. Jeanine specializes in small, detailed sculptures and will attempt to make just about any animal imaginable. Jeanine is available for Birthday Parties, Corporate Functions, Grand Openings, Restaurants, and ANY Family Event. Jeanine also offers Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos, Arts and Crafts, Balloon Twisting Classes, and Noah's Ark, Stuff & Fluff Animal Workshops (see for more details on the stuffed animal workshops). Jeanine's Instructional CDs and Hand Decorated T-Shirts can be found at

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